Parents Of Teens

Parenting teens can be a real joy, or a real nightmare including every word and every emotion in between. For those of us that that have been dealt a tough hand, it is difficult to find the support we need. Our friends or family often have plenty of advice but probably don’t understand what it is like to walk in our shoes.  We find ourselves spending less time with them, or resent the implication that it must be our fault. Sure we sometimes “lose our cool”, but who doesn’t? Of course, parenting can be a challenge even with adolescents that are generally developing along a healthy path. We have high expectations for our children, and it isn’t easy watching them attempt to find their own way. We aren’t quite sure how to guide them and when to step back. Finding support from an outside source; a coach free of judgment with experience, resources, and clinical training can be a relief. That’s where Family Focused Coaching steps in….to walk beside you, provide support and coaching while you coach your own child and manage your own self-care.