Individuals / Families

No one knows you and your family like you do! No one knows what fits within your family culture, values, and comfort zones quite the way your family does. You probably have a pretty good idea of what you would like to see happen in your life in terms of harmony, growth, personal satisfaction, or positive parenting.

Crossing that bridge between where you stand and a realistic vision is done well with a coach alongside. A Family Focused Coach can light the way, pointing out life-long patterns, personal mental frameworks, or family dynamics that are getting in your way. A coach can promote accountability, will provide education, and can help find valuable resources.  On the other hand, there are personal strengths and support systems that can be built upon. The Family Focused Coach will help you personally, or the family, utilize that reservoir.

Family Focused Coaching is a solution-focused approach that goes alongside you as a coach, helping you individually or as a family clarify a realistic vision, create goals and agreements in marriage or divorce, pointing out patterns that sabotage healthy functioning, build upon strengths, and generally will encourage families and individuals to create their own life-style with wellbeing in mind.