Custody Agreements

Divorce happens; custody agreements often come with the territory. Unfortunately, they don’t always put the well-being of the child at the forefront. Instead, a lawyer benefits from dragging out an agreement that stems from hurt, resentment, or just wanting the ordeal to end. Template agreements are written and the parties that matter become victims of the court order. When the situation goes south, there is no one to turn to unless you pull out your checkbook and go through the painful process of lawyers and judges all over again. Can’t we do better?

Yes we can.

Family Focused Custody Coaching means that custody agreements are written with well-being in mind, recognizing that the emotionally charged situation does not have to dictate the outcome. In a safe environment that focuses on family dynamics, we don’t ignore the many factors that create barriers; we navigate through them by utilizing solution-focused techniques that move us toward a commitment to goals.

With agreed upon values and goals in mind, we then begin the process of sifting through the details of a custody agreement that can be provided to legal counsel.

However, over time issues come up or the agreement does not fit the real life situation. Someone may move, a work schedule can change, new parenting concerns arise, or a parent sees the benefit of receiving ongoing coaching to help them adjust to the situation. Family Focused Coaching will continue to support you, help you adjust to the agreement, work through emotional issues, or to make the agreement changes that are necessary to meet the current needs.