Blended / Co-Parenting Family Coaching

Divorce with children, whether is one remains a single parent or remarries, often requires us to co-parent our children with our “ex”. This is not always as amicable as was hoped, or it become clear that our children are often parented with very different styles, rules, and values as they go from one home to another. This is tricky at times but can be done with positive outcomes, for the parents and the children. Coaching can help parents create clear goals, make the necessary compromises to benefit each child, and communicate in a way that breaks down barriers as they continue to co-parent the child they love.

Blended families, also called step-families, come with its own set of challenges, although we still often cling to traditional ideas about what a family “should” look like. Given the rate of divorce and remarriage, these expectations get carried into our new blended, or step families and like a round peg being forced into a square hole, we find ourselves stuck. What we bring to the table is unique; our past plays a large role both psychologically and in the practical realm. The new relationship comes out of the loss of the first, children do not necessarily feel positive about their parent’s choice of a new partner, the ex may still be in the picture, and “yours, mine and ours” can get complicated. Including a coach is an excellent way to blend a new family with eyes wide open, encouraging the family to create the arrangements that respect each member, that blends individuals and previous lifestyles, and takes into account the journeys that had come before.